Mojdeh Shirazi

Mojdeh creates collages and abstract pieces using mixed media, recycled paper and other materials that she finds interesting. She draws her inspirations from nature. Also as a passionate dancer she likes to incorporate movement into her art work.

As an experienced dancer and choreographer she likes to bring movement into her pieces and the impressions of all the joy around us; the joy which is seen and felt by our senses.


One comment on “Mojdeh Shirazi

  1. I saw Mojdeh’s contemporary fine art works in one of London’s exhibition and the above article explains it all. The delicate movement and the joy that she has incorporated in her abstract pieces is unique and fascinating. Hopefully she would exhibit her art works again, as I’m looking forward to seeing them.

    On a lighter note, I hope that she would demonstrate her dancing skill, as stated above, at the same time!

    I wish her all the very best.

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