Roya Modarresi

Art is more than colour, shape, beauty and form. It is the expression, the embodiment of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is my philosophy for and of life. With the completion of my schooling began a period of wandering and soul searching as I set out to find my path in life and discover myself. One day, after many false starts, I came across the working studio of Alireza Zarif, an established artist who was to become my inspirational teacher when he accepted me into his studio classes. In 2003 I was part of an art exhibition to the memory of Forough Farokhzad, a poet who died tragically young, aged 32. Today my work is motivated by and infused with issues of women’s rights, feminism and equality. These are subjects in which I passionately believe and through which I express my ideals and beliefs by painting in an open, honest and passionate manner. Such things are worth struggling for.

Please Clock here to view her paintings

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