Yellow Cake 91

Pouya Mahmoudi + Abdi Behravanfar + NoName Trio + Amin Dehnavi (March 2011) 

Most people love cake, it tastes good, it’s satisfying. But yellow cake isn’t just any old cake made of flour and sugar; it’s ingredients are radioactive and of epic proportions. Yellow cake tends to prompt historic moments, so join us this Charshanbeh Soori for a line up that promises to amount to an explosive evening of music, film and visual art from the best of the Uranium – sorry – Iranian alternative scene. Don’t expect to leave as you arrived… Let’s get radioactive!

– Music:
Abdi Behravanfar

The first London appearance of one of the founding fathers of Iranian underground music, Abdi, who’s acoustic set of bluesy fusion will send shivers down your spine

Pouya Mahmoudi with Armin Firouzabadi and Amin Dehnavi
Pouya is undoubtedly one of the best Iranian guitarists playing today and we are honoured to have him in this event, with accompaniment from Amin, a member of one of Iran’s most comically talented punk bands Ballgard.

NoName Trio
“Fill the hall with scintillating talent” ThreeWeeks (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)
NoName Trio will play new songs from their latest album in development, as well as old favourites

– Film:
An award-winning film with London Iranian Film Festival.
The Festival will also have a stand exhibiting a high quality range of books, photos, CDs and DVDs for those interested in Iranian culture. Cash only –

– Visual art:
Maryam Hashemi
Nooshin Sheikhbahaei

– DJ:
Black Blooms

If you haven’t yet partied to Black Blooms’ incredible mixes, you don’t know what you’re missing.

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