Parya Vatankhah

Parya VatankhahBorn in Tehran, Iran, Lives & works in Paris, Parya Vatankhah is an artist and Arts teacher working with a wide range of media and techniques that have included painting, video, photography, installation and performance.

She draws on her own experiences to explore the emotional paradoxes created by politics & society. She works about the intimate suffering, which is in relation with the politic and the society. The body is the both subject and object of her works and it is becoming her main medium since she works in France. Parya’s current multimedia works explore emotions by presenting the viewer with powerful visuals of metaphorical violence.

Parya Vatankhah graduated from Contemporary art and Multimedia of the University Paris VIII (2014), Visual art of the University of Aix-en-Provence (2011) and The painting of the University of Tehran (2005). She also taught at the University of “Culture and Art” for five years before leaving Iran.

Her work has been exhibited internationally (Pori Art Museum, Finland; Malmö Art Centre, Sweden; Niavaran Cultural Center, Iran; CologneOFF2011 (India, Poland, Finland, Lebanon); The gallery of University Paris 8, The Gallery of the University of the Sorbonne (France); art center of Bilbao, Spain, the art festival in Edinburg, UK; Former Museum Teresa Current Art, Mexico).

She received the Prize of The International festival of Women’s Voice Now  (Los Angeles, 2014).