Lian Ensemble and Khosro Ansari 2013

Lian Ensmeble and Khosro Ansari 2013“combining intricate musical structure with an evocative blend of traditional and original compositions”
Laurel Fishman,

“Brighter than Silence” is the new Europe and North America tour of Lian Ensemble. After a yet another successful tour with one of the biggest names in Persian folk music, Sima Bina, Lian Ensemble has selected a set of new compositions for this tour. Working with Khosro Ansari, a great Persian classical singer who has featured in numerous motion pictures and TV series such as Spy Game, Man on Fire and ER to name a few, as well as his knowledge and experience is one of the main features of this tour. Lian Ensemble line up is:

  • Houman Pourmehdi: Tombak, Daf, Ney
  • Pirayeh Pourafar: Tar
  • Arash Fayyazi: Barbat
  • Ali Nourbakhsh: Daf, Dayereh

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