Reflection of Silence : Flavours of Iranian & Kurdish Music

Part One: Art of Improvisation in Iranian Music

setar, guitar and tombak 
Part Two: An Journey to Kurdish Music
harp, vocals, setar, guitar, kamancheh and tombak

Tara Jaff harp, vocal
Pouya Mahmoudi guitar
Mehdi Rostami setar, shourangiz
Adib Rostami tombak, kamancheh

 Music / Saturday, 8 March 2014 – 7:30pm / Hall One
Online Price: £19.50 / £14.50 / £12.50 / £9.50 Savers*

Reflection of Silence is a new collaboration between four musicians from different backgrounds, from rock to Iranian music, with a passion in the art of creative improvisation in Iranian & Kurdish music.

The goal is for the artist and listener to become ecstatically lost.

The evening will open with Art of Improvisation in Persian Music, followed by a contemporary approach to a set of ancient Kurdish pieces from different parts of the Kurdistan region.

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